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leanne 2.png Varahi


hari shyam 2.jpg Harishyam   harishyam@atmakriya.org
Aditya.png Tulsidasananda   aditya@atmakriya.org


 Atma Kriya in Washington

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Atma Kriya yoga and meditation courses are regularly offered in Bellingham, Washington and throughout the Northwest. In addition to Atma Kriya courses, Varahi (LeAnne) leads OM Healing groups. If you would like more  information or do not see a course scheduled in your area, please contact Varahi (LeAnne) directly. 


Contact LeAnne: leanne@atmakriya.org or 360.305.9491  http://www.atmakriyayoganorthwest.com

"Several years ago I met Swami Vishwananda and was given the gift of Atma Kriya.  The practice of Atma Kriya changed my life; the blessings are profound and beyond measure. I am so happy for the opportunity to share this amazing gift with others." -LeAnne


Event Location Date Time Cost Email  Phone
 Atma Kriya Course*     Weekend Intensive  $250us     


Atma Kriya courses in the rest of the US

Atma Kriya teachers are often able to travel for weekend intensive courses.  We simply need to be able to cover travel expenses and other course costs such as venue space and student materials.  If you are willing to host a teacher, we can possibly offer scholarships in exchange for supporting the teacher with basic advertising, helping make travel arrangements, finding a space and registering at least five students.

Contact LeAnne for more information:  leanne@atmakriya.org or 360.305.9491.


Scheduled Courses in the United States

*Find out more about the the East Coast Atma Kriya Tour Schedule and additional offerings (including lectures and OM Healings) at http://www.web.me.com/saraswathi108/schedule/schedule.html 

Event Location Date Time Cost Email  Phone




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